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Jacob Reid/ June 7, 2019/ Outdoor Fun

Mobile boat servicing is the technical support services provided for maintenance of boats. This service comes under the category of niche services and provided by mostly certified personals. They are crucial for the performance of the boats. These companies provide different range of services not only particular to boats but other marine equipment and vessels also.

The various services provided by mobile boat servicing companies are listed here;

Jet Ski & Boat Repair

These companies usually have their own workshop where they can perform boat repairs of accident or damaged Jet Ski or boats. They can repair the damaged, hull, parts and also can fabricate new parts. Also these companies can acquire parts from the original manufacturer and install them accordingly. These repairs job also include paint work or adding any new component in the equipment

Boat Detailing Jobs

In this part of job, they can give complete over-haul to the boats. New parts can be added as per owner request. Engine power can also be increase or electrical equipment can be modified. New paint work as per owner desire. This is said to be the creative job and servicing companies can enhance the capability of the equipment as per their original specifications

Boat Storage

Usually boating is seasonal leisure activity and people just can take out a month or max 2 for this. For the other time of year these boat are store in dedicated place. Where the conditions of boats remain maintained and companies ensure that no damage will come to the boats. The storage charges are charged as per size of boat, also period of storage get considered in charging storage amount. During storage, regular inspections are done to keep track of boat condition, its mechanical and electrical component.

Transportation of Boats

Boast have unusual shape and requirement for their movement. They cannot be easily displaced from one place to another. Special caution needs to be taken for moving boat from one place to other. Here these companies steps in, they have special vehicles and equipment for loading and off-loading of boats. Special staff is deployed to ensure the safety of boat during transit

Electrical troubleshooting

Other the engine all the components on boat or Jet Ski are electrical. These electrical components have to be inspected periodically because in case of any malfunction, they can cause fire or irreparable damage to electrical parts. In case on electric malfunctions, these companies also offer electricians services to overcome the fault.

Cleaning & Washing Services

Due to brittle nature of boats and unconventional shapes, the cleaning of boats is a tricky job. These companies have particular cleaning gear, shampoos & expert staff to perform these jobs. They also build automated boat cleaning station to perform this job. Polishing and waxing also carried out along cleaning

These are the some exclusive services offered by Mobile boat servicing companies. Due to delicacy of jobs, they charges exclusive services charges for the same. But Boat owner cannot risk handing over their property to any rookie.

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